Dubai Investment Park 1 Metro Station

Dubai Investment Park 1 Metro Station

Gleaming with modern architecture amidst the bustling heart of Dubai’s commercial hub, the Dubai Investment Park (DIP) Metro Station stands as a beacon of convenience and connectivity. Opened in June 2021, this sleek station seamlessly integrates into the city’s Red Line, whisking commuters and visitors alike to the dynamic core of the Dubai Investment Park.

  • Location: Green Community, Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai, UAE
  • Coordinates: 25.00526°N 55.15566°E
  • Operator: Dubai Metro
  • Line: Red Line (Expo 2020 branch)
  • Platforms: 2
  • Tracks: 2
  • Connections: RTA Dubai buses
  • Structure: Underground
  • Parking: Disabled parking is available
  • Station code: 74
  • Fare zone: 1
  • Opened: June 1, 2021
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Expo 2020Jumeirah Golf Estates

Map of dubai investment park metro station

Bus lines with stations closest to Dubai Investment Park

Closest station: Insulite Block Factory – 1 (5-minute walk)

  • Other nearby stations: Danube Metro Landside Bus Stop (served by F47 and F48 buses)
  • Ghubaiba Bus Station (served by X92 bus)
  • Gold Souq Bus Station (served by X94 bus)
  • Al Quoz Bus Station (served by 96 buses)

Bus lines and routes

  • F47 at Danube Metro Landside
  • F48 at Danube Metro Landside
  • X92 at Ghubaiba Bus Station
  • X94 at Dubai Investment Park
  • 96 at Al Quoz Bus Station

Which metro goes to Dubai Investment Park?

Dubai Investment Park Metro Station 2 and Dubai Investment Park 1 Metro Station are the nearest metro stations to Dubai Investment Park.

Which area is Dubai Investment Park in?

Dubai Investment Park is located in the Jebel Ali district of Dubai.

How many stations are there in Dubai Metro?

There are 47 stations in Dubai Metro.

Can I tour Dubai in metro?

Yes, you can definitely tour Dubai in metro. Dubai Metro is a convenient and affordable way to get around the city, and it covers many of the most popular tourist destinations.

How to get to Dubai Investment Park – 01 by Bus?

From Carrefour, it takes 54 minutes to get there. The distance is 15.1 km. See the directions here.
It takes 1 hour 54 minutes to get from Smoky Beach. The distance is 38.9 km. See the directions here.
It takes 38 minutes to reach to Ibn Battuta Bus Station from Ibn Battuta Bus Station. The distance is 13.5 km. See the directions here.
It takes 50 minutes to reach from Marina Promenade. The distance is 14.8 km. See the directions here.
It takes 52 minutes to reach from Jumeirah Beach Residence. The distance is 14.9 km. See the directions here.