How to use Paris Metro Ticket Machine

How to use Paris Metro Ticket Machine?

Using the Paris metro ticket machine is relatively straightforward! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Choose your language: Most machines are multilingual, including English. Look for a flag icon or language selection button and choose your preferred language.

2. Select your ticket type: The main option is the T+ ticket, a single journey ticket valid for 1.5 hours on the metro, RER (within Paris), buses, and trams. You can also buy carnets (packs) of 10 or 20 T+ tickets for a slight discount. Other options include multi-day passes like the Mobilis or the Navigo Easy card (rechargeable).

3. Specify quantity: Choose how many tickets you want (e.g., 1 T+ ticket or a carnet of 10).

4. Payment: Insert cash (euros only, bills and coins accepted) or use your credit/debit card (PIN required). Contactless payment is also available on some machines.

5. Collect your ticket(s) and receipt: The machine will dispense your tickets and a receipt. Keep both until the end of your journey.

Additional tips:

  • If you’re unsure which ticket to choose, ask for help from the information booth or station staff.
  • Validate your ticket by inserting it into the yellow machines at the entrance before entering the platform.
  • Always keep your ticket with you, as inspectors may ask to see it.
  • Consider a Navigo Easy card if you plan to use the metro frequently, as it offers unlimited travel within chosen zones and faster validation.

Machine Layout:

  • Red button: Cancel or answer “No”.
  • Large display screen: This is not a touch screen; use the rollbar below to navigate.
  • Debit card slot & PIN pad: Accept debit cards and euro coins.
  • Purple Navigo pass slot: Load or charge Navigo cards.
  • Green button: “Yes” or “Accept” to confirm selections.
  • Ticket delivery slot: Dispenses tickets and receipts.

Start/Welcome Screen:

  • Shows the station name, fare zone, and date/time.
  • There is no language choice here, but it is available on the next screen.
  • Two options: Buy tickets or recharge your Navigo pass.

Buying Tickets:

  • Select “Buy tickets”.
    • Choose ticket type: Single ticket (t+) for Metro, Bus, Tram (Full or Reduced Price).
    • Carnet (booklet) of 10 tickets (discounted).
    • Tickets Ile-de-France (station-to-station, day passes).
  • Select quantity of tickets (max 9 for individual).
  • Choose if you want a receipt.
  • Pay with a debit card or euro coins.
  • Tickets and receipts are dispensed if chosen.

Additional Notes:

  • Machines accept debit cards, not credit cards.
  • North American debit cards may not work.
  • Machines can be slow to read debit cards.

Paris Metro Safety and Tips:


  • Relatively safe, but watch out for pickpockets in crowded trains.
  • Keep bags closed and under your arm; wear backpacks on the front.
  • Avoid using smartphones on the metro, especially if crowded.

Using the Metro:

  • Best for central Paris attractions like Notre Dame, Louvre, etc.
  • Download the Paris Metro Map for easy navigation.

Using the RER:

  • Connects Paris to suburbs and airports like Versailles and Disneyland.
  • Download the Paris RER Map for planning trips.


  • Weekday closing: Around 1 am
  • Weekend closing: Around 2 am
  • Opening: Around 6 am

For more details:

  • Refer to the Ratp website for specific schedules and timings.