Abu Hail Bus station Dubai ( Metro) | Timing And Location ( 2024 )

There isn’t a central Abu Hail Bus Station in Dubai. Instead, there are several bus stops scattered throughout the Abu Hail neighborhood. These stops are served by various routes, including some traveling to Sharjah. To get around using the buses in Abu Hail, you can use journey planning apps like Moovit to find the nearest stop and the most convenient route for your destination.

Abu Hail Bus station Dubai ( Metro) | Timing And Location

From local hops to inter-emirate escapes, affordable fares, and seamless connections, courtesy of the RTA, await. So, tap into the city’s heartbeat, grab your ticket, and let Abu Hail Bus Station propel you towards experiences untold. Remember, AHMS1 on Google Maps or 78GW+8H for your plus code – your Dubai adventure starts here.

Map of Abu Hail Bus Station Dubai


Bus routes or City Cruisers of of abu hail bus station:

  • C1: Conquering Al Satwa ( united arab emirates ) – weave through buzzing markets and vibrant streets.
  • C7: Mall of Emirates beckons – shop, play, and conquer the slopes with ease.
  • C9: Al Quoz calls – explore art districts, creative hubs, and hidden gems.
  • C14: Dubai Festival City beckons – dive into world-class entertainment and retail therapy.

Inter-Emirate Escapades of Abu Hail bus station:

  • F2: Dubai Internet City awaits – connect with tech giants and innovative minds.
  • F4: Dubai Media City beckons – explore the heart of the region’s media boom.


  • Operate at regular intervals from early morning till late night.
  • Reliable and frequent bus services make it a convenient transportation network hub.
  • Plan your trip:
  • Use the RTA Dubai app or information boards inside the station for detailed bus times and schedules.
  • Be aware of potential schedule changes on weekends and public holidays.

Abu Hail Metro Bus Station: Safe, Upgraded, and Green

Safety and Comfort: Abu Hail Metro prioritizes passenger well-being with surveillance, provides a good travel experience, security staff, hygiene measures, clear signage, and COVID-19 protocols.

Modernization Plans: The RTA aims to expand the Abu hail metro bus station, improve connectivity, provide real-time information, introduce smart ticketing, and implement green initiatives.

Sustainability Focus: The RTA is committed to eco-friendly public transportation. Abu Hail plays a role through electric/hybrid buses, bike-sharing, smart parking, and integrated public transport.

Technology and Infrastructure: The RTA invests in technologies like ITS, real-time information systems, road upgrades, autonomous vehicles, and smart parking to improve efficiency, reliability, and passenger experience while minimizing environmental impact.

In short, Abu Hail Bus Station delivers a safe, comfortable, and modern travel experience while contributing to Dubai’s sustainable transportation vision. You can also get the Phone number of the Station from the RTA Website. If you still face problems, We have embedded above a Google map.

Where to catch bus to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?

There are several options for catching a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, depending on your preferred location and convenience:
Al Ghubaiba Bus Station: This is the main bus station in Dubai for intercity connections, including Abu Dhabi. It’s easily accessible by metro (Al Ghubaiba Station) and taxi. Several operators like E100, E101, and M022 depart from here.
Ibn Battuta Metro Station: This metro station also has dedicated bus bays for intercity travel. You can find E102 buses to Abu Dhabi departing from here.
Dubai International Airport: Both terminals (1 & 3) have bus stops with connections to Abu Dhabi, operated by companies like Abu Dhabi Airport Express and Intercity Bus Services. This is convenient if you’re arriving in Dubai and heading straight to Abu Dhabi.

Where does the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai stop?

Buses from Dubai typically arrive at one of these locations in Abu Dhabi:
Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station: This is the main bus station in Abu Dhabi and serves as a hub for most intercity buses. It’s connected to the city center by public buses and taxis.
Al Mafraq Bus Station: Located near the Abu Dhabi International Airport, this station is another option for arriving in the city.
Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station: This station serves the industrial area of Mussafah and might be closer to your destination if you’re heading there directly.

Which zone is Abu Hail?

Abu Hail: This is a residential and commercial district in Deira, Dubai. It’s not directly on the main intercity bus routes between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, you can reach Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, a major starting point for Abu Dhabi buses, from Abu Hail by taking Metro Lines 1 or 9 to Union Station and then Metro Line 1 to Al Ghubaiba Station.