Etisalat Metro Station | Location, Map & More ( 2024 )

Located on Dubai’s Green Line, Etisalat Metro Station (now known as Etisalat by e& after a rebranding) is a busy transit hub. Opened in 2011, it serves the Al Nahda, Al Qusais, and Al Twar neighborhoods, offering easy access to Dubai International Airport and other parts of the city. The station boasts essential amenities and connects to buses and taxis for further travel options.

  • Location: Al Nahda Street, Al Qusais Third, Dubai, UAE
  • Coordinates: 25°13’48″N 55°23’29″E
  • Operator: Dubai Metro
  • Line: Green Line
  • Connections: RTA Dubai buses
  • Station code: 11
  • Fare zone: 5
  • Opened: September 10, 2011
Preceding stationFollowing station
Al Qusais towards CreekTerminus
Etisalat Metro Station

Map of Etisalat Metro Station

Getting to Etisalat Metro Station

Here are the ways to get there:

  • Several bus tracks provide this station, containing the A1, C10, and X22, by using the bus.
  •  By using a taxi: Taxis are available for use in Dubai, and you can freely notify the driver that you want to go to Etisalat Metro Station.
  •  By using a car: If you are operating a car, you can park your car in the multi-parking garage at this station.
Station codeG11
LineGreen line
LocationAl Qusais, Dubai
Fare zone5
Transfer stationNo
Following stationNo
Preceding stationAl Qusais
Previous nameNo
Dubai Tram connectionN/A

Services and facilities

This Station is a modern and well-equipped station. It has a number of facilities for commuters, including:

Facilities at Etisalat Metro Station
Facilities at Etisalat Metro Station
  • Ticketing machines: You can purchase Nol cards and top up your existing Nol cards at the ticketing machines placed there.
  •  Customer Service Department: There are customer service departments at the Station where you can get benefits from using the metro system or buying tickets.
  •  Shops and Restaurants: There are a number of shops and restaurants at this Station, so you can grab a bite to eat or buy some shopping before or after your journey.
  •  Prayer rooms: Different prayer rooms for men and women are also there.
  •  Restrooms: There are washrooms located all around the Station.

Using Etisalat Metro Station

  • To use the Station, you will need an NOL card. You can purchase an NOL card from the ticketing machines at the Station. Once you have a Nol card, you can top it up with credit at the ticketing machines or one of the many top-up points located throughout Dubai.
  •  To enter the metro station, tap your Nol card on the reader at the turnstile. To exit the Station, tap your Nol card on the reader at the turnstile again.

Tips for using Etisalat Metro Station

Here are a few tips for using the station:

  • You can use the Dubai Metro website or app to plan your journey and find out which trains to take.
  • Purchase your Nol card in advance. it will save you time when you reach the station.
  • The peak hours on the Dubai Metro are from 7 am to 9 am and from 5 pm to 7 pm. If possible, steer clear of traveling during these times.
  • The Dubai Metro is a dynamic system, so please be humble to other passengers and give them extensive space.

You can go to Dragon Mart in Dubai by Metro.

Etisalat Metro Station is an accessible and effective way to get around Dubai. Follow the guiding tips above to make the most of your journey.

Etisalat metro station timings

Here is the simplest table on Etisalat metro station timings:

Monday to Thursday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Friday 05:00 AM – 01:00 AM (Next day) 
Saturday 05:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Sunday 08:00 AM -12:00 AM (Midnight) 
Etisalat metro station timings

What time does the Etisalat metro open?

The opening hours of the Etisalat by e& metro station are:
Saturday to Wednesday: 5:20 AM to 11:55 PM
Thursday: 5:20 AM to 12:00 AM
Friday: 1:00 PM to 12:00 AM

How many stations are there in Dubai Metro?

There are 53 stations on the Dubai Metro.