Bur Dubai Abra Station

Bur Dubai Abra Station | Parking, Location and Map ( 2024 )

Embark on a timeless journey through Dubai’s soul at the Bur Dubai Abra Station. Nestled beside the bustling Dubai Creek, this historic hub beckons you to hop aboard traditional wooden abras and traverse the shimmering waters, leaving behind the city’s modern skyline and plunging into the heart of old Dubai.

But the Bur Dubai Abra Station is more than just a gateway to the past. It’s a vibrant pulse point, where the rhythm of modern life blends seamlessly with ancient traditions. So, whether you’re seeking an authentic cultural experience or simply a captivating escape from the ordinary, let the Bur Dubai Abra Station be your launchpad.

Map of Bur Dubai Abra Station

Abra Routes

RouteDeira StationBur Dubai StationTrip Times ( Min)Fare AEDOperating Hours
1deira old souk abra stationBur Dubai Station515 am Midnight
2sabkha abra stationDubai old Souk Abra station7124/7
Abra Routes

Ticket Prices

To ride the abras, you’ll need a reloadable Nol card, readily available at marine transport stations, metro stations, and various retail outlets.

Fares are quite reasonable, starting at just 3 dirhams for shorter trips.

The journey between Marina Walk and Marina Mall, a popular route, costs 5 dirhams. You can even combine trips for longer journeys, with fares accumulating based on your chosen itinerary. For instance, travelling from Marina Terrace to Marina Mall would cost 8 dirhams.

Bur Dubai Abra Station

Important Note:

Season tickets for one day, seven days, or longer are not valid on abras. Each single or return trip requires a separate Nol card tap. In some transport air conditioned Service is also available.

How much is the abra ride in Dubai?

Dubai Creek: Traditional abra: AED 1, Air-conditioned: AED 2. Private tours: AED 120/hour.
Dubai Marina: AED 3-11 depending on route.

What is the nearest metro station to Bur Dubai abra?

Nearest Metro: Al Fahidi, BurJuman.

How do I pay for abra in Dubai?

Dubai Creek: Cash with driver.
Dubai Marina: Nol card (buyable at stations or many outlets).