Bur Dubai Abra Station

Bur Dubai Abra Station | Parking, Location, and Map ( 2024 )

The Bur Dubai Abra Station is a must-visit spot for anyone wanting to experience a traditional mode of transportation in Dubai. These abra stations are docks for the iconic wooden motorboats, offering a scenic and affordable way to traverse Dubai Creek. The Bur Dubai Abra Station itself is known for its cleanliness, efficiency, and friendly staff, making it a great starting point for your abra adventure.

But the Bur Dubai Abra Station is more than just a gateway to the past. It’s a vibrant pulse point, where the rhythm of modern life blends seamlessly with ancient traditions. So, whether you’re seeking an authentic cultural experience or simply a captivating escape from the ordinary, let the Bur Dubai Abra Station be your launchpad.

Map of Bur Dubai Abra Station

Abra Routes

RouteDeira StationBur Dubai StationTrip Times ( Min)Fare AEDOperating Hours
1deira old souk abra stationBur Dubai Station515 am Midnight
2sabkha abra stationDubai old Souk Abra station7124/7
Abra Routes

Ticket Prices

To ride the abras, you’ll need a reloadable Nol card, readily available at marine transport stations, metro stations, and various retail outlets.

Fares are quite reasonable, starting at just 3 dirhams for shorter trips.

The journey between Marina Walk and Marina Mall, a popular route, costs 5 dirhams. You can even combine trips for longer journeys, with fares accumulating based on your chosen itinerary. For instance, travelling from Marina Terrace to Marina Mall would cost 8 dirhams.

Bur Dubai Abra Station

Important Note:

Season tickets for one day, seven days, or longer are not valid on abras. Each single or return trip requires a separate Nol card tap. In some transport air conditioned Service is also available.

How much is the abra ride in Dubai?

Dubai Creek: Traditional abra: AED 1, Air-conditioned: AED 2. Private tours: AED 120/hour.
Dubai Marina: AED 3-11 depending on route.

What is the nearest metro station to Bur Dubai abra?

Nearest Metro: Al Fahidi, BurJuman.

How do I pay for abra in Dubai?

Dubai Creek: Cash with driver.
Dubai Marina: Nol card (buyable at stations or many outlets).