Dubai Metro Parking | Complete Guide ( 2024 )

Dubai Metro Parking provides a variety of free and paid parking areas at different locations according to the red and green lines. Let’s have some information about these parking areas.

Free Dubai Metro Parking Areas

Dubai Metro provides some free parking for Metro users covering large-capacity cars.

  • Rashidiya Station(also called Centerpoint Metro Station) on the Red Line has a parking capacity of 3,000 cars.
  • Tower Station and Nakheel Harbour on the Red Line have a combined parking capacity of 2,000 cars.
  • Etisalat Station on the Green Line has a parking capacity of 1,000 cars.

Note: Parking is only allowed for a short time at any of the Metro stations. You will be fined if you leave your car at a Metro station overnight.

Dubai Metro provides some paid parking for Metro users covering very large-capacity cars.

  • Ibn Battuta Metro Station has a park-and-ride facility with 10,000 parking spaces.
  • Dafza Metro Station has a parking capacity of 2,000 cars.
  • Stadium Metro Station has a parking capacity of 1,000 cars.
  • Note: The parking fees at these stations vary depending on the time of day and the length of stay. You can pay for parking using the RTA Dubai app, NOL card, coins, or bank cards.

Free Parking at Dubai Metro Stations:

1. Centrepoint Station (formerly Rashidiya):

  • Located at the end of the Red Line.
  • Boasts 3,000 parking spaces.
  • Free parking for Metro users during operating hours.
  • Overnight parking and failure to validate NOL cards lead to fines.

2. Jebel Ali Station (formerly Nakheel Harbor and Tower):

  • It also offers 3,000 parking spots.
  • Free parking for Metro users during operating hours.
  • The same rules and fines apply to Centrepoint.

Changes at Etisalat Station:

  • 3,000 parking spaces available.
    • Recent updates allow non-Metro users to park for a fee of 10 aed per hour (max 50 AED per day/ 24 hours).
    • Annual and half-yearly passes are available.

Alternative Parking Spots:

  • Mall car parks near Metro stations (paid with specific parking rules).
  • Other nearby paid parking options.

Important Points:

  • Free parking services is only available at Centrepoint, Jebel Ali, and Etisalat (for Metro users).
  • Public buses provided by RTA connect to Metro stations.


In conclusion, while Dubai Metro offers some free parking at select stations for Metro users, paid options and alternative solutions, like mall car parks, exist across the city. Remember to validate your Nol card and stay informed about parking regulations to avoid fines. Enjoy exploring Dubai With Free park.


Is parking free at Dubai Metro Station?

Parking spot at Dubai Metro stations ( uae ) isn’t entirely free at lot of places, but there are designated “Park and Ride” facilities at three stations where you can park for free as long as you also use the metro. Here’s the breakdown:

What time is free parking in Dubai?

There’s no specific “free parking spot time” in Dubai. The “Park and Ride” facilities at the three mentioned stations offer free parking 24 hours ( All Day am to pm ) a day if you meet the Nol card validation conditions within that timeframe.

Which areas in Dubai have free parking?

Multi-story car parks:Some shopping malls and public buildings offer free parking for customers or visitors for a limited duration (usually 2-3 hours).
Residential areas: Certain communities in Dubai might have designated accessible parking spots for residents.
Street parking: You might find free parking along the streets in some less busy areas. However, be mindful of parking restrictions and signage to avoid fines.

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