How to Check Your NOL Card Balance Online? ( 2024 )

In this post we will discuss How to Check Your NOL Card Balance Online. As a Dubai Metro NOL card user, it’s important to know your card’s balance so that you can avoid any inconveniences while traveling. There are several ways to check your NOL card balance, including SMS, By website, and also some future ways.

How to Check Your NOL Card Balance Online

NOL Card Balance Check By Website

The primary way to check the balance is via the website:

  • Go to the RTA website: Check NOL Card Balance
  • Enter your NOL card number in the “Card Number” field. Your NOL card number is located at the back of your card.
  • Enter the security code shown in the image. This is a CAPTCHA code that helps to stop bots from approaching the website.
  • Click the “Check” button.
  • Your NOL card balance will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Informational Tips for NOL Card Users

  • Those with a registered NOL card can also examine their balance by logging into their account on the RTA website.
  • Otherwise, you can look over your NOL card balance by clicking it on a reader at a metro and bus stop, or tram stop.
  • Once you have topped up online, your NOL card balance may not be updated for up to 45 minutes.

Further Ways to Check the NOL Card Balance Online

By Mobile App

Download the RTA NOL app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Once logged in, tap on the “My Cards” icon to view your NOL card balance.


Send an SMS with your NOL card number to 7295. You will receive an SMS reply with your NOL card balance.

By Metro Stations

Tap your NOL card on any NOL reader at a metro station to check your balance.

By Merchant shops

Many merchants in Dubai accept NOL card payments. You can check your NOL card balance at any merchant shop with an NOL reader.

How do I load my nol card online?

Visit the RTA website or Nol app.
Log in to your account.
Select “Top-Up nol Card.”
Enter your nol card’s TAG ID.
Choose the amount you want to load.
Pay using a credit/debit card or online banking.
Your card will be loaded within a few minutes.

How can I keep my nol card in Mobile?

Use the Nol Pay app:Download the Nol Pay app and link your physical nol card.
This allows you to use your smartphone as a virtual nol card.
Register for an RTA digital nol card:Create an account on the RTA website or app.
Apply for a digital nol card, which is stored within the app.

How can I check my Dubai metro card validity?

Look for the expiry date on the back of your physical card.
For digital nol cards within the Nol Pay app, the validity is displayed within the app.
If you’re unsure, visit an RTA customer service center or check online through your RTA account.