How to Go to Dubai Creek Harbour by Metro? ( 2024 )

While Dubai Creek Harbour does not have a metro station, two metro stations are relatively close: Dubai Healthcare City and Dubai Festival City. Here is the complete guide to using the Dubai metro to reach Creek Harbour by way of Dubai Healthcare station.

How to Go to Dubai Creek Harbour by Metro

Six Steps to Reach Dubai Creek In Dubai

Here are the steps to reach Dubai Creek Harbour using the Dubai Metro:

Step 1: Take the Dubai Metro

  • First, find the nearest metro station to your current location. Dubai’s metro system is well-connected, making it accessible from various parts of the city.
  • The Dubai Metro operates from early morning (around 5:30 AM) until midnight, but it’s advisable to check the current Dubai Metro timings as they may vary.

Step 2: Use the Green Line

Dubai Creek Harbour is situated near the Dubai Creek area, and the Green Line of the Dubai Metro serves it.

Step 3: Choose Your Nearest Metro Station

Depending on your starting point, select the metro station closest to you. If you still need to get on the Green Line, you can transfer to it at one of the interchange stations.

Step 4: Take the Green Line towards “Creek”

Once on the Green Line, board a train heading in the direction of “Creek.”

Step 5: Get Off at “Dubai Healthcare City” Station

You can get off at “Dubai Healthcare City” station, which is the nearest metro station to Dubai Creek Harbour.

Step 6: How to get to your final Destination in Dubai Creek Harbour

  • Walk: The Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station is about a 10-minute walk from Dubai Creek Harbour. If your destination is within this distance, walking is a great option. It is a free and healthy way to get around, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.
  • Bus: Several buses stop near Dubai Creek Harbour, including lines 53, C7, C9, E303, and E400. These buses run frequently and are convenient for getting to Dubai Creek Harbour from different parts of the city. The fare is AED 2.80 for a single journey.
  • Water taxi: Water taxis are a fun and scenic way around Dubai Creek Harbour. The water taxi stop is located near the Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station. The fare is AED 15 for a single journey.

How much is the ticket for Dubai Creek Harbour?

Dubai Creek Harbour itself isn’t a ticketed attraction, so there’s no single entrance fee. However, depending on what you want to do there, different costs might apply:
Visiting: Dubai Creek Harbour is a waterfront district, not a specific attraction. You can stroll around the promenade, admire the architecture, and enjoy the scenery for free.
Activities: Several experiences within Dubai Creek Harbour involve individual costs, like The Viewing Point, which Offers panoramic views for AED 65 (adults) and AED 35 (children).
Boat tours: Prices vary depending on the operator and itinerary, starting around AED 100 per person.
Dining: Restaurants cater to various budgets, ranging from casual cafes to fine dining.
Activities like dhow cruises, water sports, and spa treatments also carry separate charges.

Is Dubai Creek Harbour worth visiting?

Definitely! Whether you’re a casual observer or an adventure seeker, Dubai Creek Harbour offers something for everyone:
Stunning views: The promenade boasts mesmerizing Dubai Creek and skyline panoramas, especially at sunset.
Vibrant atmosphere: Enjoy the bustling waterfront with yachts, restaurants, and artistic installations.
Activities: From boat tours and water sports to art displays and shopping, there’s plenty to do.
Relaxation: Soak up the sun on the beach or unwind at one of the many cafes and restaurants.

Ultimately, whether it’s worth visiting depends on your interests and budget. But it’s certainly a popular and picturesque area in Dubai.

What time does Dubai Creek Harbour close?

Dubai Creek Harbour doesn’t have a closing time. Most shops and restaurants operate late, though some might have slightly earlier closures on weekdays. The Viewing Point is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.