Dubai Metro NOL Card ( 2024 )

The Dubai NOL Card is your key to navigating Dubai’s public transportation system. This rechargeable smart card lets you pay for fares on the metro, buses, trams, and even water taxis. It’s a convenient and affordable way to get around the city, offering a hassle-free alternative to buying single-trip tickets.

Dubai Metro NOL Card

Types of Dubai Metro NOL Card

There are different types of NOL cards available to choose from, with categories for various needs Red NOL cards, silver NOL cards, gold NOL cards, and blue NOL cards (personalized NOL cards)

Red Nol Card

This Red NOL Card is perfect for tourists or occasional travelers. It is pre-loaded with a certain amount of credit that can be used for single journeys. You can top it up as needed. This is more of a paper ticket than a card. 2 dirhams is the price to buy it, and it is valid for 90 days. Now you can use the NOL card on Metro, Tram, and Bus. Nol cards can be upgraded to one-day tickets.

Benefits of Red NOL Card

  • Effortless Dubai travel. No change or ticket fuss—tap and go for a time-saving daily commute!
  • Budget-friendly, reduced fares, no more change hassles. Your wallet will thank you for this smart choice!
  • Your key to Dubai’s whole transit network. Metro, bus, or water taxi – it’s your versatile travel companion!
  • No more paper tickets! It’s digital, contactless, eco-friendly. Keep it handy, tap, and reduce waste while you travel.
  • Easy balance management. Top up at machines, online, or auto-recharge. Stay in control for seamless travel every time.

Silver Nol Card

Ideal for frequent travelers, this dubai metro card offers the added convenience of being able to load it with a specific amount of credit or opting for automatic top-up services, ensuring you never run out of fare during your travels.

The Dubai Metro Nol card is best for occasional or even regular use of public transport in Dubai or for paying for Metro parking regularly.

Benefits of Red NOL Card

  • The Silver Nol Card is your money-saver. Top up, get Discounts, and enjoy affordable travel across Dubai.
  •  Recharge your card at machines, online, or auto-renew. Convenient options for stress-free travel planning.
  • The Silver Nol Card covers everything from metro to buses, trams, and more, simplifying your Dubai travel adventures.
  • No ticket queues or change hassles. Just tap and go, ensuring a smooth and punctual commute every time.
  • Reduce waste with this digital, contactless card. Eco-conscious travel is now in the palm of your hand.

Gold Nol card

Designed for those who appreciate luxury, the dubai metro Gold card provides access to the Gold Class cabins on the Dubai Metro, making your journey even more comfortable. Nol gold cards are valid on all forms of transportation. Dubai buses charge average rates, but Dubai Metro and Tram charge gold-class fares. Thus, you will be able to travel in the Gold Class.

Benefits of Gold NOL Card

  • Enjoy Dubai Metro’s Gold Class cabins with the Gold Nol Card, elevating your commute to a luxurious experience.
  • Skip the queues and board first. The Gold Nol Card offers priority access for a seamless journey.
  • Use it on buses, trams, and more. The Gold Nol Card ensures top-class travel across Dubai’s transportation network.
  • Reload at vending machines or online, or opt for auto-renewal. Managing your fare is a breeze.
  • Embrace eco-consciousness with a digital, contactless card. Enjoy luxury and contribute to a greener Dubai.

Blue NOL Card (Personalized NOL Card)

The Blue Nol Card is a particular variant of the Nol card system in Dubai, designed with students and people with special needs in mind. Like its counterparts, it simplifies your journey through the city by offering various benefits tailored to your unique requirements.

Benefits of Gold NOL Card

  • The Blue Nol Card offers reduced travel costs, making commuting budget-friendly for students and individuals with special needs.
  • Enjoy designated seats for added comfort and convenience when you travel with the Blue Nol Card.
  • Easy Topping Up: Conveniently recharge your card at various locations, ensuring you’re always ready for your journey.
  • Dubai’s commitment to accessibility means the Blue Nol Card ensures a more inclusive and user-friendly transportation experience.
  • Tap and go with the Blue Nol Card—no more paper tickets or cash hassles, just hassle-free travel.

Dubai Metro NOL Card Prices

Dubai Metro NOL cardsPrice(in dirhams)Validity
Red Nol card Price2 dirhams90 days
Silver Nol card Price25 dirhams5 years
Gold Nol card Price25 dirhams5 years
Blue Nol card Price20 dirhams5 years

How can I get Metro nol card in Dubai?

Metro Stations: Ticket offices and ticket vending machines (TVMs) in almost all stations allow you to purchase and top up your card instantly.
RTA Customer Happiness Centres: These dedicated centers across Dubai offer personalized assistance and card purchases.
Authorized Sales Agents: Look for stores displaying the “nol” logo, like supermarkets and convenience shops, to buy and top up cards.

How much is a nol card in Dubai?

Standard Silver Card: AED 25 (includes AED 19 e-purse value). This is the most common and basic card for all travel modes.
Gold Card: AED 25 (includes AED 19 e-purse value), offering exclusive access to Gold Class cabins on the metro.
Other options: Special categories like Red Cards for senior citizens and People of Determination cards have specific fees and eligibility requirements.

What is the best nol card in Dubai?

Silver Card: Perfect for most travelers, offering convenient travel on all public transport in Dubai.
Gold Card: Ideal for those who prefer comfort and want access to Gold Class cabins.
Red Card: Offers discounted fares for senior citizens and People of Determination.