How to Cancel an Valid NOL Card? ( 2024 )

In this post we will discuss How to Cancel an Valid NOL Card. In Dubai, the nol card is widely used by commuters due to its many advantages and seasonal promotions. However, there may come a time when you need to cancel your active nol card for various reasons. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the straightforward process of canceling an active nol card and obtaining your refund without hassle.

Step-By-Step Guide on Cancelation of NOL Card

  • To cancel a valid and active NOL card, visit the Ticket Office Machines at any Metro station.
  • Hand over your NOL card to the station attendant.
  • The station attendant will verify the card’s validity and activity status.
  • The card’s balance must be less than 100 AED for a cash refund.
  • The station attendant will provide a cash refund if the balance is 100 AED or less.
  • If the balance exceeds 100 AED, apply through other RTA-approved channels: the RTA Website, nol Pay app, or Self Service Machines.
  • A service charge of 2.5% of the card balance or 5 AED, whichever is higher, will be applied for the cash refund.


Terminating an active NOL card in Dubai is a simple procedure that can be accomplished at any Metro station. To successfully cancel your NOL card, adhere to the instructions provided above. If you encounter any difficulties during the cancellation process, please get in touch with customer support or leave a comment below.

What can I do with my expired nol card?

Cannot be used for transportation or parking services.
Options:Renew: If it’s a personal card, you can renew it online through the RTA website or app, at ticket offices, or at authorized sales agents.
Dispose of it responsibly.

How do I block my personal nol card?

Contact the RTA: Call 800 9090 or visit their website to request blocking due to loss, theft, or security concerns.

How long is a nol card valid for?

Standard cards: 5 years
Student cards: 1 year (concession period); can be renewed if eligibility continues.