How to Use the Metro in Dubai? ( 2024 )

This article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the Dubai Metro. Besides Dubai Metro working hours, fare zones, and dedicated carriages, we will also discuss some additional things to remember when using the metro.

A Nol card is required to pay for your fare, and you can purchase a Nol card at any metro station, bus station, or supermarket.

How to Use the Metro in Dubai

Steps to Use Metro in Dubai

1. Get an NOL card

A Nol card is a reusable smart card that can be used for all public transportation in Dubai. Buying a Nol card is easy, as you can purchase it at any metro station, bus station, or supermarket.

2. Top up your Nol card

You can top up your Nol card at any dubai metro station, bus station, or vending machine. The minimum top-up amount is AED 5. You can also top up your NOL card online or through the RTA app.

3. Plan your Journey

You can use the RTA’s online journey planner to find the best destination route.

4. Enter the Metro Station

Tap your Nol card on the reader to pass through the ticket gates.

5. Find the Platform for your Train

Color-coding of the platforms is provided, and signs indicate where you should go.

6. Wait for the Train

It takes 5-10 minutes for the trains to arrive.

7. Board the Train

Please locate a seat or stand in the designated area to ensure safety and comfort.

8. Tap your Nol card when you exit the Station

You will be notified when your card is deducted from the fare.

Take Note of these extra Considerations

  • The metro operates from 5:50 AM to 11:00 PM on weekdays and from 1:00 PM to midnight on weekends.
  • Plan your metro journey wisely, taking into account the 7-zone breakdown, which dictates your fare.
  • Using your NOL card is also possible on the bus and tram.
  • A dedicated women’s and children’s carriage is available on the metro.
  • The carriages are also available for people with reduced mobility and disabilities.

How do I pay in metro Dubai?

Nol Card: This rechargeable smart card is the most convenient and cost-effective option for tourists. You can buy it at any metro station, bus station, or convenience store. There are different types, like Red (anonymous for occasional users) and Silver (personalized, good for longer stays). Simply tap the card on the ticket gates to enter and exit stations.
Single tickets: You can buy paper tickets for single journeys at ticket machines or booths in stations. This is less convenient and might be slightly more expensive than using a Nol card.

Can I use Dubai Metro without card?

Yes, you can buy single paper tickets, but it’s less convenient and potentially more expensive than using a Nol card.