NOl Gold Card: Your Golden Ticket to Luxury Commuting ( 2024 )

Nol Gold Card is a luxury for traveling in Dubai, including gold-class public transport and other luxury services. In this most straightforward, simple guide, we will give you some steps on applying, some benefits, and some NOL Gold Card prices. The best thing about this card is that it is rechargeable and can be used all over Incan and used on metro buses, trams, and electronic shops.

How to Buy/Purchase RTA Nol Gold Card?

There are many ways and methods to purchase an RTA NOL Card, But below, we will give you some of the easiest and finest techniques to buy an NOL Gold Card.

  • Price Tag: AED 25
  • Initial Credit Boost: Enjoy a kickstart with AED 19 upon purchase
  • Top-up Limits:
    • Anonymous Users: Reload up to AED 1000
    • Registered Users: Reload generously up to AED 5000
  • Validity Period: Five lavish years of convenience
  • Luxury Bus Fare Range: Glide through cityscapes for just AED 6 to AED 15
  • Maximum Balance Cap: Secure your commuting kingdom with a maximum balance of AED 1000
  • Exclusive Registered Holder Perks:
    • Choose from 1-day, 7-day, 30-day, 90-day, and 365-day passes for unlimited travel
  • Unleash Ultimate Travel Options: Residents and tourists revel in opulent journeys with our extended pass offers

Some Main Features and Benefits OF NOL Gold Card

NOL Gold Card gives you some of the best features when we compare this to other cards like the NOL Silver Card and NOl Blue Card; the NOL Gold Card is the best AMONG. Here is some benefit of this card:

  • Cross-zone travel: Travel seamlessly across different zones without any hassle.
  • Special offers: Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions on various services.
  • Cashless payment system: Make payments effortlessly using the convenient cashless payment system.
  • Luxury travel experience: Elevate your daily commute with a luxurious gold-class travel experience.
NOl Gold Card

How do you Recharge/load the Nol Gold Card?

Recharge your NOL is very easy; here are some points whenever you want to recharge your NOL Gold. Card:

  • Online (for the registered card)
  • Bus ticket offices
  • No ticket vending machine
  • It authorized sales agents.

Where to get a gold card?

there are many ways to do this but below we provided you simplest step:

  • Bus ticket offices

Nol Gold Card Price and Fares:

Here are the table on NOL GOld Card prices and fares:

Travel TypeGold Card Fares
Within 1 Zone6 AED
2 Adjacent Zones10 AED
More than 2 Zones15 AED
Student & Senior CitizenN/A
People of determinationN/A


In conclusion, we thank you first. The NOL Gold Card is essential in Dubai if you want to live a luxurious life there. This can give you freedom of travel all over Dubai and some extra services. On this card, you can purchase unlimited travel passes.

How much does a gold Nol card cost?

Gold Nol card: AED 60, which includes AED 20 deposit and AED 40 credit usable for travel or other services.

What is gold class in Dubai Metro?

Gold Class cabins offer a premium travel experience with spacious, leather seats, limited passenger capacity, complimentary newspapers, and faster boarding at designated Gold Class platforms. It’s like flying business class within the metro!

What are the benefits of Metro Gold Card?

Higher Comfort: Enjoy spacious, comfortable seating and a quieter, less crowded environment.
Faster Boarding: Avoid queues and board the train quickly through dedicated platforms.
Impressiveness: Treat yourself or business partners to a luxurious travel experience.