NOl Silver Card: All You Need to Know ( 2024 )

The term ‘Silver Card’ can refer to a few things. It’s commonly used for a specific tier of debit card offered by banks, often with lower spending limits and fewer rewards compared to Gold or Platinum cards. It could also be a generic term for a silver-colored card used in various loyalty programs or memberships. Plus this NOL card is also used for government services and convenience stores.

How and where do you get/purchase or buy an NOL Silver Card?

You can purchase your Silver NOL card from the Bus ticket Office, RTA customer services center, Authorized sales agent, and NOL ticket Vending machine. Here are some other things to consider when you purchase a NOl Card.

  • The card costs AED 25 and comes with a credit of AED 19 at the time of purchase.
  • It can be recharged with a maximum of AED 1000.
  • It is valid for five years.
  • Registered cardholders can get unlimited travel passes for 1, 7, 30, 90, or 365 days.
NOl Silver Card

Some Features and Benefits of the Nol Silver Card

Here are the main key points and some benefits that you get after purchasing an NOL Silver card:

  • This card Gives you the ability to travel across the zone.
  • After buying this card, you will receive some special offers.
  • Smart card…The best thing about these cards

How do you recharge the Silver or Load NOL card?

There are many ways to top up your NOL Silver Card, but below, we will give you some of the most straightforward steps to top up your NOL card:

  • No ticket vending machines
  • Bus ticket offices
  • RTA customer service centers
  • Authorized sales agents.
  • Online

No Silver Card Price/ Fares / Trip cost

Prices and fares are not fixed. It depend from zone to zone, but below, we guide you through some way to understand it.

Travel TypeSilver Card Fares
Within 1 Zone3 AED
2 Adjacent Zones5 AED
More than 2 Zones7.5 AED
Student & Senior CitizenN/A
People of determinationN/A


In conclusion, we thank you for reading our guide above. NOL silver card Is the best and also equal in compariosn to NOl Blue Card and NOl Gold Card and also most affordable thing if you want to travel across to Dubai; with its best feature, this card is essential for everyone living in Dubai.

How much is a silver Nol card?

Price: AED 25, which includes AED 19 pre-loaded credit on the card.
Validity: 5 years.
Recommendation: This is the recommended option for tourists. It’s convenient, affordable, and can be used on all public transport modes (Metro, Buses, Water Buses) in Dubai.

What is the difference between gold Nol card and silver Nol card?

Travel class: Silver offers standard class travel, while Gold allows access to Gold class cabins (where available).
Fare: Gold card fares are double the Silver card fares.
Other features: Both cards offer the same features like e-purse top-up, travel discounts, and transferability.