Dubai Metro Map, Routes, and Stations ( 2024 )

You are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey through Dubai with this Dubai Metro map’s complete guide. Dubai’s appeal continues to grow, attracting travelers worldwide as we enter the year 2023.

dubai metro map

Amid an ever-changing landscape, the Dubai Metro map is a reliable companion, offering seamless navigation through this dynamic city.

Types of Dubai Metro Map

Latest Metro maps in Dubai are available in three types.

Schematic Map

latest dubai metro map

A schematic map is a smart, simplified drawing that explains complex systems or networks. Unlike regular maps that accurately show real places, schematic maps focus on how things are connected and organized.

Interactive Map

Interactive digital maps enable users to interact with the displayed information. Unlike traditional maps, they offer many features and functions that enhance your ability to explore data and locations.

Overlay Map

Overlay maps are an incredible tool for visualizing and comparing various types of geographical information in a single view. They allow you to superimpose different data layers onto a base map, providing a comprehensive understanding of locations and spatial relationships.

Understanding the Dubai Metro Map

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The Dubai Metro is a state-of-the-art, driverless train system that connects key areas of the city, making it the ideal mode of transportation for both tourists and residents. To make your journey smooth and enjoyable, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the Dubai Metro map.

Red Line

This line runs from the north Rashidiya station to the south UAE Exchange station. Some notable stations on the Red Line include Dubai International Airport, Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, and Dubai World Trade Centre. If you plan to explore iconic landmarks and attractions, the Red Line is your go-to route.

Green Line 

 The Green Line runs along this route from Etisalat station in the east to Creek Station in the west. The line includes stations such as Al Ghubaiba, Al Qiyadah and al fahidi metro station. For those who are looking to explore Dubai’s historical and cultural heart, the Green Line is ideal.

You should definitely read the Dubai metro rules before travelling !

Expo Line

The Expo Line connects Nakheel Harbour & Tower station north to Al Maktoum International Airport station south. This line is incredibly convenient for visitors planning events at the Expo 2020 site or exploring Dubai South.

Navigating the Dubai Metro map in 2023 is a breeze, and we’re here to guide you through it:

Plan Your Adventure:

  • Begin by planning your journey.
  • Identify your starting station and your destination on the Dubai Metro map.
  • Use user-friendly apps like “Dubai Metro Navigator” for real-time schedules and route planning.

Secure Your Ticket: Tickets are available at station counters and automated vending machines. Choose from single journey tickets, Red Nol Cards (ideal for single or multi-day use), or the versatile Silver Nol Card, which can be recharged for continued exploration.

Access the Gateway: Approach the metro station and tap your Nol Card on the reader to access the platform. Check station screens for train timings and directions to stay on track.

Board the Journey: As your train arrives, allow fellow passengers to disembark before you board. Digital signs inside the train provide information about the next station and the train’s direction.

Enjoy the Experience: Relax and enjoy the views as you traverse the city. The Dubai Metro prides itself on its cleanliness, safety, and punctuality.

Arrive at Your Destination: When you near your destination, make your way to the exit, and remember to tap your Nol Card once more at the reader to ensure correct fare calculation.


You can discover all the wonders of Dubai with the help of the Dubai Metro map. The Dubai Metro provides a convenient, efficient, and affordable way to travel around the city, whether visiting the iconic Burj Khalifa or shopping at the Dubai Mall.

How much does it cost to ride the Dubai Metro?

The Dubai Metro uses a pay-as-you-go system with fares based on the number of zones traveled. You’ll need a rechargeable Nol card to ride. Here’s a breakdown of costs:
Single Journey: Fares range from AED 6 (1 zone) to AED 14 (5 zones).
Day Pass: Unlimited travel for AED 20, covering all zones, buses, and trams.
Weekly Pass: Unlimited travel for AED 50, covering zones 1-5, buses, and trams.

How to use metro Dubai for tourists?

Buy a Nol card: These can be purchased at kiosks in metro stations. Choose a Red card for single journeys or a Blue/Silver/Gold card for passes.
Top up your card: Add credit at ticket machines or customer service counters.
Tap in and out: Touch your Nol card on the reader at station gates before and after your journey.
Transfers: You can switch lines within 90 minutes without paying extra.

Can I tour Dubai in metro?

Yes, the metro is a convenient and affordable way to tour Dubai. It covers many major tourist attractions, including:
Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall
Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Historical District
Jumeirah Beach and Palm Jumeirah
Dubai Marina and Sheikh Zayed Road