Dubai Metro Fares and Ticket Prices 2024

In this convenient guide, we’ll offer you all the important information about Dubai Metro ticket prices, guaranteeing your journeys through this energetic city are seamless and cost-effective.

Dubai Metro Tickets are obtainable as NOL cards, as cash payment is unacceptable in Dubai. An NOL card is a credit card that holds your balance and specific season tickets.

Dubai Metro Fares and Ticket Prices

Dubai Metro Ticket Prices Table 

Looking for Dubai Metro ticket prices? Just look at the table below and make your journey safe and tension-free!

Ticket TypeAdditional InformationFare (AED)
Silver CardIdeal for a single journey within one zone.2 AED
Red Ticket This is for occasional travellers with access to more than just the metro.2 AED
Blue CardThis is for occasional travelers with access to more than just the metro.6 AED
Gold CardThis is for occasional travellers with access to more than just the metro.25 AED
Nol Red Ticket This is for occasional travellers with access to more than just the metro.6 AED
Nol Silver Card Exclusively for students aged 5-23.2 AED
Nol Gold Card Exclusively for seniors aged 60 and above.2 AED
Nol Blue CardExclusively for people with disabilities2 AED
Dubai Metro Ticket Prices Table 

These ticket options offer flexibility for various types of travellers, from occasional tourists to daily commuters, and cater to the needs of students, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. It’s advisable to check the most up-to-date information on Dubai Metro ticket fares and any special promotions available during your visit to Dubai.

Important Notes

  • A child under the age of 5 can travel free of charge.
  • Nol cards can be recharged with various amounts to suit your travel needs.
  • Gold-class cabins offer a more luxurious and spacious experience for a slightly higher fare.
  • Red tickets can be purchased for One-Day cards. The weekly ticket can be obtained on a Blue, Silver, or Gold Nol card.
  • Up to five one-day tickets can be loaded onto the Red ticket. Each ticket must be purchased on the day of travel and is only valid until midnight on the day of purchase.
  • Only registered Silver, Gold, or Blue Nol cards or Nol cards can be used to purchase the remaining season tickets.

How much does it cost to ride the Dubai Metro?

Distance: The fare is based on the number of zones you travel through. Prices range from AED 6 for the shortest distances within one zone to AED 20 for journeys spanning multiple zones.
Nol card type: You need a rechargeable Nol card to pay for the Metro. Different NOL card types offer different benefits. For example, Silver cards have no minimum balance requirement, while Gold cards offer access to designated ladies’ cabins and priority queuing.
Tickets/Passes: You can purchase individual tickets for each journey or consider passes for frequent use. A Red Ticket is a basic card for occasional trips, while a Silver Card or Blue Card allows you to top up with credit and benefit from daily or weekly fare caps.

Is metro cheaper than taxi in Dubai?

Individual ticket: AED 6-20 depending on travel zones
Red Ticket: AED 25 (refundable deposit + credit for travel)
Silver Card: AED 25 (non-refundable)
Blue Card: AED 50 (refundable deposit + credit for travel)
One Day Pass: AED 20 (unlimited travel on Metro, Tram, and buses)
Weekly Pass: AED 50 (unlimited travel in selected zones for 7 days)

How much is a Nol card in Dubai?

The card itself costs AED 25, which is a non-refundable deposit. However, it serves as your travel wallet and can be recharged with credit for future rides.